Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kid Cudi TOPS ELLE Magazine's 25

(swiped from dat new cudi)

Number ONE wooooooo hoooooo!! He IS the rager, he is FOREVER! I know I go on and on about Kid Cudi, but I really LOVE him. I don't usually go gaga over "celebrities" but he is definitely someone I'd love to meet. I love his music, I love his style, I love his smile and I love that he makes REAL music for REAL people. He doesn't care about the bullshit...he isn't into all the hype of being "famous" can just tell he does what he does for his fans and I admire that. I'm SO inspired by his determination! I'd really love to sit down and just talk to him...laugh with him...and pick his brain! (If you ever happen to read this, PLEASE do a show in Memphis Cudi! haha, had to put it out there just in case you're Googling yourself :p)


p.s. Check out Cudi doing an impromptu show at the BAPE store in NY.

Let go, life does get tough
no need to stress
hold you back too much
let's go i heard they found the solution
Where you be for the revolution?

Wake up, things might get rough
No need to stress
keeps you down to much
Wake up, I heard they found a solution
Where you be for the revolution?

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Mrs. April said...

OMG, Kid Cudi is flippin' awesome. 'Up, Up, and Away' is perfect to do yoga to. =)