Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Heart Cute Dudes:Travis Barker



I love everything about this man! His tattoos are soooo sick! I usually don't see a lot of neck pieces that I like but I love his :D 


p.s. For Gwen: Travis remixes Busta Rhymes "Don't Touch Me"

7 lovely readers said...:

Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

*sigh* i heart him too! x

bee. said...

for so many years i thought i was going to marry this man (: haha. love love love.

Sophie St Vicious said...

I heart cute tattoed dudes too :)

Gwen said...

i kno who you feel.
hes so hot.

and watching him play drums is just even hotter.

Melly Kay said...

oh yes Gwen...he is an AMAZING drummer! I need to add a clip of him playing in this post ha! :D

With Love, Jamie said...

OhMyGoodness...I love him :)

mrs.adrienneK said...

fiyiyiyiiiiiiiiiiiiine!!!! lol