Thursday, July 8, 2010

Since We're Supporting Local & All...

Black Lodge Video
"In this era of Netflix and cable PPV,  Black Lodge Video is a movie-lover's oasis — a place of spiritual renewal. Where else can you investigate special sections dedicated to Japanese auteur Kenji Mizoguchi, '70s revenge flicks, drive-in classics, and "cult " assorted madness," while also picking up any new release worth a damn? To be sure, nobody in the video/DVD rental biz knows their turf like Black Lodge proprietors Matt and Bryan, who aren't just storeowners but film archivists." - Memphis Flyer

Black Lodge Video
The boy first introduced me to this AWESOME place 6 years ago. We used to rent there all the time but then we got Netflix and kind of fell off :( But since I've started the support local challenge, I'm determined to start renting from them regularly again. Every single time I walk in there door, it feels like an experience! It's not just a video store, it has a pulse you know? When you walk in, you realize that this place is a gift to the city of Memphis! It's owned by Bryan and Matt and they are self-described "cinephilejunkyfreaks" who started the store in late 2000 with 6,000 films (most of which came from their own personal collection). They pick what movies they want in the store and I really believe this is what makes it so special. They care about film...they're not just trying to peddle any crap movie to you like chains do. They also know what they're talking about so anytime you have a question, they can give you an honest answer/review.

They have a HUGE (and I mean huge) collection of all kinds of movies on VHS & DVD. In 2008, they had over 10,000 videos and 8,000 DVDs and I'm sure the numbers have gone up since then. It really is amazing! They have a lot of cult classics and hard to find movies that you just won't find at a chain. I think what I love most about them is that they usually always have a movie playing on the tv and they have couches that you can sit on and watch it. It's always a movie I've never heard of so they're constantly exposing everyone to new things. Another thing I find amazing about Black Lodge is that they don't have late fees! 

We rented these.
We ended up renting both of these. (I know, shame on us for not seeing Alice in Wonderland in the theater! I'm still kicking myself for that one.)

Haha! I love Black Lodge Video
"Jingle All the Way" was right under the sign, LOL!! The movies under the sign were just on the floor in a pile...they didn't even get a rack they're so bad haha. Next time I go back I'll have to take a picture of the movies they deemed "shit" for you guys ;)

If you're ever in Memphis, be sure to check this place out. It really is unlike any place I've ever been. Also, they are trying to raise money for a DVD resurfacing machine and if you know about Black Lodge and want to help, you can go here.

One thing that this challenge has made me realize is that yeah, Netflix might be convenient, but it can't touch the experience I get when I got to Black Lodge. To me, that means so much more because these guys actually care and go out of their way to provide Memphis with such a gem :)

Much love and success to Black Lodge!!

3 lovely readers said...:

elycia said...

black lodge! that is so twin peaks!! soooo cool! :)

Melly Kay said...

yes! i was wondering if anyone would get their name reference :D

Kim said...

I wish this movie store was in my town! I don't do Netflix- I prefer the video store,but the one close to our house just closed :(