Saturday, July 3, 2010

Drink Your Jelly Belly!

found via Hungry Memphis

*speed racing to Walgreens NOW!*

8 lovely readers said...:

Courtney said...

If I drank pop I would be all over this. I should probably buy some for my prop kit though, huh!?
So cute!

Sophie St Vicious said...

oh my god, I want that sour cherry SO bad!

Ashley said...

these look so yummy!

Nav said...

oh my gosh! wish these were available in the UK!!

love your blog!


mrs.adrienneK said...

mmm where in memphis is this?!?!?!!??!
ps you live too closefor us not to get together sometime! ;)

Windsor Grace said...

I can't imagine that being very good, have you tasted it?

Melly Kay said...

I haven't had it yet but I can't wait to try. I imagine it's very good if it tastes anything like a Jelly Belly!!! :D

Holly Knitlightly said...

Ahhhh, why do we never get these types of things in Canada?! Drink one for me. Ha!