Monday, July 12, 2010

5. Sade

Pick #6: Bjork

I have no words for how much I love her...she is amazing in every way!

 (My favorite song from her! The lyrics are so true)

Happy Monday!

8 lovely readers said...:

Courtney said...

I must be the only person in the world who just plain hates her music. Seriously. I would rather stab myself in both eyes and then pull out my teeth with a wrench then listen to it. But then again, the same thing goes for bands like Radiohead too! I suppose I just like what I like. I feel like i'm on the outside of an inside joke when I don't like music that oh so very many people swear by.

Melly Kay said...

omg you don't like bjork or radiohead!? BLASPHEMY!! :O

haha just kidding ;) I feel the same way about lots of popular musicians too. I think everyone likes what they like and that's a good thing!

Who are some of your favorites?? Just curious to see your musical tastes now :)

Courtney said...

Hmmm...Well I only have five musicians in my top 25 played songs in iTunes: The World/ Inferno Friendship Society, Amanda Plamer, Eliza Rickman, Rasputina, Gogol Bordello.
I suppose I like really uncommon instruments like the harpsichord, accordian, cello, toy pianos and the such. Though I do listen to most of your (revealed) top ten every once in a while.

Melly Kay said...

All of those musicians are new to me so you've given me something to do with the rest of my day :D You should do a music post! *hint hint*

AlyciAmore said...

Omg I have never met more than one other person that likes Bjork!? I Love Army of Me! one of my fave songs by her.

Miki's scrapbook said...

I LOVE Bjork! I've seen her twice here in Buenos Aires. She is amazing and her shows are just stunning. My favorite song is probably Isobel; I love the video, too.

People have different extreme opinions about her which says a lot about what an original artist she is.

jacque said...

you listed the two songs i actually like from her :)

MGS Fotografie said...

OMG I love Bjork so much! My husband is realllllly into her so I bought us tickets to Austin City Limits festival a few years ago because she was playing..SO GOOD!!!!! She never plays in Texas so it was a huge treat :)