Sunday, June 6, 2010

Please please PLEASE see this movie! It's hilarious and sweet and touching and basically everything you want from a really good film. The boy and I watched this together and we both were laughing and smiling pretty much the entire time :) The child actors in this movie are phenomenal and the scenery and color palette are breath-taking! I don't want to give anything away so put it in your queue or rent it tonight! Son of Rambow ruuules!

you won't regret seeing this one :D

4 lovely readers said...:

Karlie said...

Is it out in movie stores yet?
(My fiance & I are going to rent a bunch of movies tomorrow)if I see it I'll get it! :)

Melly Kay said...

should be it came out in 2008 :)

Karlie said...

oh! lol

Pigwidget said...

You've reminded me that I wanted long ago to see this movie - will have to go hunt for it next time I'm at the video store. It looked so hillarious :D