Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Most Adorable Blythe Custom/Thank You!

Hey yall :D (and yes I sound soooo southern when I say yall. I can be really country-sounding sometimes LOL) I just wanted to say "thanks" for the awesome support in my last post :) It really helped me out of a funk! You guys gave me a lot of things to think about also...and to those of your who shared your are amazing for being so open! I love you guys ;)

Now that all the mushy mushy is out of the way, look at this adorable doll! She is the cutest thing I've ever seen. She was for sale on Plastic Paradise but someone snagged her up. I would have SO spent the $200 for this doll. She is just too cute and quirky...she definitely looks almost alive :D

credits to fayden on Plastic paradise.

I love all three of these dolls. Speaking of dolls, the boy had his dad and brother over yesterday to watch LOST. After it was over the boy goes, "so wanna see Melanye's dolls??" and there's like an awkward silence. LOL! It was kind of weird showing them because I could tell they found it cool in an artistic way but also creepy. People really don't like dolls. The boy thinks they're creepy haha. I think that's part of the appeal for me though. I mean, yeah, they are a little weird looking but that kitschy factor makes them so loveable :)

If you've got a Blythe doll leave me a comment and tell me all about her!

♥ MK

p.s. Did I show you the girl I'm working on to sell yet? I'm not sure but here's a sneak (possibly repeat) peek at her. I think her little sad mouth is so stinkin' cute! That mouth took almost an hour or more carving and dremeling. The lips are my favorite customization to do!

New Girl WIP

p.p.s. I got bit by a dog today at work. My finger got a few punctures. More on this later! I'm okay but it was scary o_O

7 lovely readers said...:

jacque said...

are you keeping her eyes brown? BROWN eyes are my fave!!

Melly Kay said...

yep! i picked out these brown chips just for her. she's also got hot pink, pink/clear glittery, and white milky chips. She is going to look amazing when I'm done!

elycia said...

she looks very pretty already! i need to learn to carve lips. i just sand matted sophie. annnddd...i'm getting a new girl today. shhh it's a secret. hehe

Kim said...

ohhhhh, I love the new girl you are working on. MUST resist! I hope that your finger heals ok!! Was the dog scared?

Melly Kay said...

elycia -- carving lips is really fun and it gives your girl so much more personality. i've got another one on the way too. shhhh lol. isn't it addictive?? ;)

Kim -- one dog got it's tooth caught in another dogs collar and they both freaked and started screaming. the rest of the dogs started attacking the two dogs. it's a animal instinct kind of thing. i got bit by one of the "attackers" while i was trying to free the two dogs from each other. my finger feels a lot better today!

Melly Kay said...

oh and Kim -- if you ever get a Blythe, I'd customize her for free! you know you're my homie :D

Kim said...

ah dang Melly Kay- why ya gotta tempt me like that? Did you know that I wanted a Blythe soooo bad when they first started being so popular but didn't want a "plastic" looking one and didn't feel brave enough to change her myself? I want to make little Blythe outfits soooooo bad!!! Did I mention I MUST resist?? It's getting harder! This is worse than trying to avoid sugar!

I really love ya Melly Kay- you are one of my first blogging friends and you rock girl! I am sooo glad that you were not hurt more seriously, and I really wondered if it was something like that- I couldn't imagine your daycare taking in violent dogs. Poor pups that were hooked together- especially the one that owned the caught tooth!