Monday, April 19, 2010

Music Mondays: More Than Words

This is one of my favorite songs EVER! Extreme may have been considered a "one-hit wonder" but if this song was my only hit I wouldn't even care lol. It's 20 years old and it still makes me feel all mushy just like the first time I heard it. So amazing & timeless!

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3 lovely readers said...:

Lyndsey G said...

a classic! I wanted this as my first dance song but mother in law wanted something more... traditional I guess. We settled on Michael Buble which was great!

Macie Mae said...

I sang this to my brother when he was an infant.. it was already semi-old at that point but I will always love this song & have good memories when I hear it. Thanks for reminding me of this! <3

PunkyMealster said...

omg Melly. I luhv this song.

I haven't thought about it in a while...I also <3 the Frankie J should check it out.