Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Introduction Post!

I saw this on Bird Trouble and had to bite ;) It's a great way for new readers to learn more about me :D So here we go!
Baby Melly
Who's that girl?

My name is Melanye (pronounced like Melanie) but most people call me Melly Kay!
Melly Kay
Most people that truly know me would describe me as funny, playful, smart, sensitive, goofy, and loud (I talk so loud sometimes haha). But I have a quiet, introverted side too. I get really shy around new people sometimes. But once I really know and trust you, I'll talk you to death. I am a really open-minded person and I love meeting all kinds of different people. I like to cook, create, shop, surf the web, and blog (duh!)...My goal for 2010 is to really come into my own and live the life I've always wanted!

I am 28 years old (but I act like I'm 14 most of the time) and I live in the city known for bbq & Elvis, Memphis, TN! I was born here and have lived here all of my life. No matter what anyone says about Memphis, I love it! I probably won't live here forever, but I will always come home to visit :) My dream location to live would be:  Toronto, London, Belize or Florence. I've never been to any of these places but they all look and seem so lovely! I love living in the US but I think I'm destined to live abroad!

Calendar picture 2009
Lucy and Fenway - water hose freaks!
Right now, I work at a doggie daycare full-time. I LOVE working with dogs and I've worked with them for 4 years. They are fun to play with and I've learned so much about dog behavior. I'd have to say it's a really fun job and getting paid to play is always good! But I don't want to work with doggies forever...my dream is to be able to support myself via my own online shop full of my handmade kawaii items! I have been a fan of kawaii before I even know what kawaii was. I've always loved cute stuff and I probably always will. There's just something about it that makes people happy! I make all kinds of kawaii stuff that you may have seen around the blog, but here's a little sample of some of my work:

a little closer (packaging)
go here
Lemon Cake
I'm into graphic design & illustration, working with polymer clay, painting, all kinds of crafting, and my most recent artistic hobby is customizing Blythe dolls!
 Sweet Jelly
 I have always been a very creative person and I it's so much fun to be apart of this handmade movement that's so in right now. Next I want to learn to sew (with a machine) & crochet!

me and my boy
You may have seen me mention "the boy" more than a few times in my blog posts. The boy is my hunny bunny of 6 years! His name is Kristopher and we met online (in a non-creepy way haha) We both posted on the Okayplayer forums and realized we both lived in the same city...so we planned to meet up for some drinks and the rest is history! He's the only person in this world who knows everything about me. He is the love of my life and even though we have had major ups and downs, he has always been there to support me!
We've lived together for 3 years and recently we moved into our cute little dream house. We plan to "make it lovely" together :)

We have the cutest dog alive and she is a BIG part of our life! Her name is Beatrix Kiddo aka Bebe! She's almost 4 years old. I LOVE Boston Terriers and I searched on petfinder for over a year until I found her. She had an injured pelvis and her previous owner was going to have her put to sleep. The vet said no way jose and kept her for 4 months. She had to stay in a kennel the entire time and her fracture fused back together! Then she was sent to a local rescue to get adopted out and that's where we found her. She's been with us ever since and she is the best dog! She's smart, cute, and she makes me laugh every single day :) She goes to work with me every day and EVERYBODY loves Bebe!

 All cozy and warm
We also have a bunny rabbit named Sasha Thumper. He is a sass-monster and he likes to try to hump your feet! His favorite snacks are craisins, bananas, & romaine. He also likes to thump really loudly at 3 am sometimes hehe. I love him but I would never own a rabbit again LOL! They are a lot of work and he is definitely a little divo :D

That's pretty much my life in a nutshell...I'll leave you with some random facts about me!

  • I have 6 tattoos and I want a lot more! I wouldn't mind having a chest piece and/or half sleeves.
  • I love french fries...like seriously if a place doesn't have fries I usually don't eat there.
  • I always shower/bathe with flip flops on. I hate the way porcelain tubs feel on my feet *cringe*
  • I used to write poetry and performed at spoken word clubs all the time. I don't write anymore but I wish I did.
  • My favorite colors right now are yellow, olive green, lime green, and teal...oh and always pink!
  • I have two brothers and one sister..I am the baby ;)
  • I really want to shave my head one time before I die. 
  • I am 5'1 (shorty!)
  • I love Elmo! 
  • I get road rage really really bad. 
  • I've been in two local commercials. One when I was 5 and one a few years ago...
  • I used to be a vegetarian-borderline vegan.
  • I shoot with a Nikon D40.
  • I've had 3 parakeets in the past. I LOVE birds and my dream is to have 2 lovebirds named Sid & Nancy :P
  • My favorite shows to watch are: LOST, Absolutely Fabulous, Mad Men, Dexter, Weeds, Intervention, Hoarders, & South Park. I loooove Adult Swim too!
  • I love board games and I am so competitive. I get pissed when the boy beats me at Scrabble haha!
  • I love being random & silly! A few weeks ago me and the boy were driving down the street and I yelled, "you can't be a beacon if your light don't shine!!!!" to every person I saw lol. It's some crazy song we heard on the radio and I love saying it ;)
  • I cuss like a sailor. I try no to on my blog, but man I have a potty mouth.
  • My favorite things are puppies, hearts,  french fries, fresh flowers, laughing, & snuggling!
Thanks for reading & getting to know me :D
Now go make your intro own post!

3 lovely readers said...:

Windsor Grace said...

We have a good deal in common.

I wish I could have a bunny. I absolutely love them but my mom is so allergic that I wouldn't be able to see her. At all. Unless I wanted to keep a special hazmat suit in my car.

beyondbaffled said...

Very cool - I love this introduction idea so I may have to borrow it as well. We actually have quite a bit in common! I'm 30, live in TN, I have some random pets - RES turtles (I love them, but just like your bunny I'll never adopt another one), love Dexter Weeds and Adult Swim, love minis and blogging, and I also have been told that I cuss like a sailor, but that's okay - I got it from my Mom!

Melanie @adorkable said...

I'm glad I popped by from "with love, Jamie." Your blog is so fun! I love your stories and your craftiness is to die for!


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