Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cute Stew News!

Hey everyone! Just a few things you need to know:
  • The giveaway winner will be announced MONDAY 4/19 (tomorrow) around 5 pm. My allergies are kicking my butt and I haven't felt up to making the VLOG yet, but I DID find my other camera that records so we're cookin' with grease now ;)
  • You may have noticed that if you use the old "" url, it redirects you to a NEW url. We're officially "" now WHOOP WHOOP! All lamc links will be redirected so no worries about losing links or any of that stuff ;) I hope this name switch has been easy for everyone and no one got lost in the shuffle. I am so happy to have my new domain name and I hope you guys like it!
  • Hey MK what's up with your Etsy shop??? Well, dear friends, it's in limbo right now. I need to really sit down and plan it all out but it's not easy when you work FT and have a boyfriend, doggie, rabbit, and blog to tend to ;) I'm making a goal to really think about what I want to do and how so that I can start selling again. I really miss it but life is getting in the way right now. I just wanted to let anyone who was wondering about that know where I am with that. I will reopen, I just don't know when :P I've got so many product ideas that I am overwhelmed and I really need to get focused. I REALLY need some motivation right now *sigh*
That's all for now...I hope you have a lovely Sunday! I spent mine digging holes and planting Japanese holly! We dug out our old sticker bushes (I guess it's some type of holly too but I grew up calling them sticker bushes lol) because they were half dead and whoever lived her before did a real hack job on them. I want full round bushes in the front so cross your fingers that our Japanese holly does it's thing! I also fertilized my azaleas and other shrubs and watered the lawn. I'm hoping our grass will grow in the's got some really bad bare spots :( Anyone have any tips? Do we need to seed again or fertilize? This whole gardening thing is really fun but man it makes me anxious. I don't want to kill anything LOL! I'll have some pics for you soooooon! I'm trying to wait for everything to bloom and fill out :D

(& welcome to all my new followers. you're awesome!!)

4 lovely readers said...:

i-zilla said...

sorry about the allergies! they get me every year and every other medicine i take for it knocks me out.

congrats on all the new exciting things going on @ cute stew! can't wait till you open your etsy shop!

Melly Kay said...

Thanks i-zilla! the only thing that really works for me is zyrtec but it's so freaking expensive! but they all knock me out too and make my sinuses dry as the sahara :( allergies suck.

i can't wait to open it lol...just trying to put it all together you know. i think i need an assistant! :P

Kat at Muddy's Bake Shop said...

Whoooo! Good luck! You are so talented and creative and the shop's gonna be awesome.
ps. Phin agrees! You're his FAVE!

Kim said...

ah dang- I wish I could be your assistant- that would be the best job evah! I'm battling allergies too- and I'm just like you- dang if it's gonna keep me inside! Wish I could grow holly here- I can't wait to see yours!