Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Window Candy Giveaway!

my cupcake from window candy!
Do you want a super awesome cupcake sun catcher like mine??

Window Candy is having an AWESOME giveaway. You can win a cupcake of your very own! I loveeee mine and it's so pretty sitting in the window. It's going to go in my studio eventually :D I love the pink and yellow swirly icing mmmmmmm! Jax is so talented and wonderful so show her some love and enter her giveaway, YAY!

Happy hump day! The week is almost over *whew*
(exhausted) MK

5 lovely readers said...:

CupcakeSniper said...

omg this is adorable!!!!

Thanks for letting us know hun ;0)

Lyndsey G said...

I am in love!

jacque said...

i'm SO glad you're enjoying the one i made for you, mel! i just LOVE the color combo you picked!!

thanks for letting everyone know about the cuppy cake give-away!

Macie Mae said...

the 1st link is wrong but the next one goes to the right place ;)

Melly Kay said...

oh thanks Macie Mae! I left out something in the URL ;)

You're so welcome Jax!!!