Sunday, March 21, 2010

  • send off Stevie's pkg :D
  • yard work (tie up vines, bag leaves in front half of yard, continue trimming overgrown shrubs/trees)
  • work on spring mantle scene
  • come up with a daily schedule
  • cleaning (bedroom, living room, kitchen, studio blech!)
  • laundry
  • get the boy to order laptop part & e drive
  • streeeeeetch
  • talk to L
  • gather things to sell
  • go thrifting
  • work on new blythe doll customizations
  • finish gaga's hai
what are your goals this week??

1 lovely readers said...:

Stevie said...

Yay! My goals for this week...

Start my 30 day photoshop and illustrator tutorials.

Clean garage.

Yard work (depends on weather).