Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cute Stew News!

  • I'm working more blog redesign this week, so if you see wonkiness it's just me messing around! I've shortened my "sweet blogs" list because my sidebar was getting crazy long with buttons. (thanks for the inspiration Danielle -- it's something I've been wanting to do but didn't want to offend. You made me realize this is my blog & I do what I want lol!) I rehomed some blogs to my "links" page so be sure to check it out! I'm still working on that page too.   
  • I am going to be downsizing the blogs I follow as well. I have WAY too many lol. If I don't follow you anymore it's not because you suck or anything ;) It's because I need to simplify things around here. I think I've lost sight of staying true to ME in all the fun of following, being followed, and blog button-ing. So no offense, k?? This is about me &it doesn't mean I won't read your blog anymore either ;)
  • Cute Stew is always taking submissions to be featured on the blog! Click the sky blue submissions link on the left sidebar for more info!! 
  • Only two more followers until the BIG giveaway!
  • I'm on FORMSPRING now, so if you have any questions about bloggy stuff or anything like that, ask away! (Link is in the sidebar)
♥ u guys,

1 lovely readers said...:

biscuit said...

awwww! :] i know how you feel. sometimes that stuff just gets tricky. but i still follow you and i still love your blog!!!