Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cute Stew News!

  • My laptop will be fixed by next week so if you'd like to trade anything kawaii and/or handmade  for a blog button, please email me! If you'd like to trade something handmade by you for something besides a button that's handmade by me, I'm down for that too! Just let me know and don't be shy!
  • I am on FORMSPRING now, so ask me anything! You can type your question in right from my blog. Just scroll down on the right side bar at the very bottom and you'll see it . I am building up my FAQs so ask me anything you want to know!
  • When I reach 150 followers I'll do the next big giveaway! I was going to do it for 100 but I procrastinated and then my followers grew faster than I expected so I'll wait for 150 :D Only a few more to go!! Welcome to all my new followers and thanks for the support! It amazes me every day!

5 lovely readers said...:

jacque said...

i need a blog button, baby! :)

love the changes/updates you've made to your site, mel! good job, bob!

Jingle said...

Yay for you growing fast!!! I have your button on my blog! I think it is the cutest one there!

Shannon said...

I would love a blog button, and I have something I think you might like :) I'll email you.

Melly Kay said...

thanks Jax! how about you give me Pearl and I'll give you a button ;)

Thanks Jen!!

Shannon - you've piqued my interest hehehe. I'd love to do one for you :D

jacque said...

the pug shall NOT be used as a bargaining chip.

kthnxbi ;)