Monday, March 15, 2010

And The Mini-Giveaway Prize Goes To

Yay Stevie!
I'll be contacting you for your snail mail addy soon!!

Would you believe she is the only one who got it right? Sometimes it pays to go with a random answer! Most people guessed garden knomes ;) I would love to have an abundance of those in my backyard! However, it is golf balls that I'm stuck with, haha. I have found about 15 so far if you can believe that...they are buried in the dirt EVERYWHERE...I have no clue how they got here but every time I go outside, I find another one. I've decided to do a fun craft project with them that I will share soon :)

This was so much fun! Like I said, I'll be doing these little mini-giveaways throughout the year at random times, so keep checking back if you want to play!

Yippee Stevie!!! 

5 lovely readers said...:

Stevie said...

Woo Hoo!! Thank you so much MK!!
My neighbor putts (or whatever it's called)in his backyard and sometimes we find his stray balls (lol) in our yard.

Melly Kay said...

You're welcome Stevie!!! I'm sure that's where they came from haha!

Shannon said...

Congrats, Stevie! And thanks for doing it, Melly!

biscuit said...

haha, that's funny. when i first moved into my house there were onions growing everywhere in my backyard, it was the weirdest thing.

Kim said...

Congrats Stevie!!! I would never have guessed golf balls- LOL! Thanks Mel for a fun give-away!!