Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stupid Laptop!

Well really, stupid laptop charger. We have an old battery that doesn't hold a charge so we rely on the charger to use the laptop. (Yes we should have just got a new battery but we're cheap lol) So anyway, the charger we just bought at the end of last year died, ggrrrrr! It won't work at all and the laptop has no charge. So now I have no access to all of my files and pictures *sniff sniff* Stuff like this always happens at the WORST times!

Thankfully the boy works with computers so he borrowed this comp I'm using from his job. (We couldn't be completely internet-less now could we?) But still...I am having to wait to post my Valentine DIY stuff and all the other fun blog stuff I had planned for this week :( Hopefully I'll get my charger and battery before the end of the week so I can share that stuff with you guys.

But in other happier news....


I've been a customizing FREAK! This pic is such a teaser because I've got about a million detailed shots of all the customizations I've done so far. (I'll post them as soon as I get my charger/battery :P) But I'll explain some of what she had in the meantime.
  • She's had her face sand-matted and I love it! I used 150 & 320 grit sanding sponges to take the "shine" off of her face. Her skin is so matte it looks so much more realistic now.  I sanded off her original make-up too.
  • She's got all new eye chips in olive green, purple, aqua, & a pair of clear chips that I  hand painted and distressed for a cyborg kind of look lol. I can't wait to show you her new eyes because she looks so different than she did with the stock chips.
  • She's got new gray glittery eye shadow that I LOOOOOVEEEE!  She had about 3 or 4 different make-up looks before I settled on this eye shadow and peachy pink lips. I love that if you don't like the look you can sand it off and start all over :D
  • She's been given brand new eye lashes that aren't as heavy looking as the stock lashes. These are feathery, light, and so adorable!
  •  She's had her lips, nose, & philtrum (you know that little place under your nose and above your lips? ;)) carved out a little. I can't wait to show you a close-up of her "new" lips because they are awesome! I used needle files to carve out more shapely and realistic lips and it was so fun!! For her nose, I gave her actual nostrils and shaped her nose so that it's not as pointy. It's more of a button nose now :) Her philtrum just got more defined so it looks deeper.
  •  Finally she got new lip color that I did with soft pastels & then I sealed it with a layer of shiny gloss. She likes her lip gloss ;)
 That's about it so far! I'll post a true before and after so that you can really see all the differences but she is looking SO different. She looks more humanish now which is weird lol. It's freaking the boy out hehehehe ;) Next on the list is going to be giving her "sleepy eyes" (which means adding another pull string in the back so that you can keep her eyes closed without having to hold the string), cut her hair, and get her some new clothes. She is still nameless but I'm okay with that. I've realized that she is going to look so different when I'm done that I want her finished look to inspire her name, you know?

Anyway, I'll be MIA until I get the laptop back up and running. I just can't work without all of my files and pics :( It sucks!! This will give me more time to visit your blogs though 'cause I'm soooo behind! Well I'm off to watch LOST. Happy Tuesday night peeples ;)


8 lovely readers said...:

AdronsCatherine said...

Oh no! Ack! What a pain! I bought a shiny new laptop in September, and it's no longer functioning... I don't know what's wrong with it, but it makes me very, very sad.

I can't WAIT to see more pics of your Blythe!!! Her makeup looks fabulous, and I can't wait to see her plastic surgery results ;o)

Hurry up and get your laptop fixed - I'm gonna miss you lol!

wichserstudio said...

things like that always happen to me! that computer charger thing happened to me just last month! arghh..dont remind me. i feel for ya!

i've been following your blythe doll total makeover and i have to say i am so interested in this. before your blog, i've never seen this done. and i thnk its amazing. im really excited to see the results! i will def be back.

also, i'm running a giveaway now. if you are interested, please stop on by!


beyondbaffled said...

Love love love the eye shadow!!!

Shannon said...

Sounds like you've been a busy little bee! She looks great! Sorry about the laptop :( I can totally relate because my battery for my laptop has been on death's bed for awhile now.

Kim said...

Wow- I can see the difference already even without the before pics. You are so brave- I would have been so scared to try to re-do her face- but she is looking fab! I definitely love her matte look to the shiny-and the eyeshadow- fab!! Hope you get your cord or battery fixed soon! Lost was good last night :)

jacque said...

your blythe doll looks SO pretty! can't wait to see more.

Jessica said...

ah, i'm having the same sort of problem with my computer. the computer's batter is very very low (has only 6 minutes on it when fully charged). also, the charger isn't doing so well.


i-zilla said...

i wanna see the rest of her outfit! the little peek of it looks really cute!