Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Plastic Surgery: Her New Look!

Untouched versus customized
Looking out the window
It looks like she fell asleep against the window :)
So far she has had:
  •  gaze correction
  • boggled eyelids
  • new eye chips+foils
  • sand-matted face
  • new make-up
  • new eye lashes
  • cared nostrils
  • carved lips
  • carved philtrum 
Here are some random shots from the process:

Stock nose/mouth vs New carved nose, philtrum & lips
Pic 1 BEFORE: Stock nose, lips, & make up
Pic 2 AFTER: carved lips , nose, & philtrum, pastel color on the lips, glossy varnish on the lips

Carving the lips was really fun! I love how her mouth looks like it's slightly open. I may do a little more but for now I like it :)

Eye chip removal
I used the glue stick method -- You take a lighter and lightly melt the end of the glue stick. Then immediately press the glue stick against the chip and let it set. I think I left mine around 10 minutes or so. It was very easy to get the chips out. I just twisted and pulled at the same time and out they came.

Time for new eye chips!

3 pair of cool cat chips & 1 pair of Brainworm
New chips! They come with no pupil and you paint it on with acrylic paint. I used a deep purple instead of black.

I am hand-painting the clear pair...
clear chips WIP
I want a dollie cyborg look. I painted them with iridescent acrylics and distressed it a little. They're not done yet, but getting there...

Tools & Method...
I used Norton Sanding Sponges. I cut small strips off for easy handling. I used the 150 first and just moved across her face using small circular motions. Then I followed with the 320 and did the same thing until her skin felt super smooth and velvety.

Pre sand-matting
I love it!
Love the matte look!

Better shot of the carved philtrum
new lashes! It was simple to take out the stock lashes and replace them with these. I have a feeling this won't be the last pair she wears :)

Next up: a hair cut, new clothes, & pierced ears! If you'd like to see MORE Blythe pics, visit my Flickr album for a detailed look at the customizations she's had so far!


8 lovely readers said...:

Lisa Kate said...

Wow! She looks amazing! I love her new nose and lips! And she looks wayyyy better matte XD

I'm almost tempted to get one myself!

Kim said...

I still say I would be terrified to do this- she looks incredible and it is almost like I get to have one when you show yours to us- so thanks! I love the cyborg eyes!!!

jacque said...

wow, you did SUCH a good job! i'm loving your updates and changes. much better than the way she came to you!


Jes said...

coooool! dedication, i would have the patience but i'd probably mess up, lol. she's cute, the matte finish makes her look amazing. ^_^

keep it uppp, she's lovelyy.

AdronsCatherine said...

Isn't she just beautiful! You've done a fabulous job with her - LOVE the carving! I thought she was gorgeous stock, but looking at the before/after pictures, I'm starting to believe I was mistaken. She was pretty, but in that "normal kind of pretty" way. Now she is just spectacular, so soft and sweet and breathtaking!

I am totally intrigued by the clear eyes, btw!

boots said...

wow! i never knew there was so much to these little ladies- i wanna get one now too! you did a great job customizing her- she looks like a brand new doll and way cuter!

Jana said...

I love the new her. She looks so much better now. The picture with the glue sticks still stuck onto her eyeballs is a bit creepy though. Her skin is wayyyyy better now. I would never thought to do that.

apparentlyjessy said...

I am loving your posts about your Blythe, customising them looks like so much fun. She is definitely gorgeous with those green eyes!