Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gaga's New Dresses!

Gaga in her new dress
a cute little black and white bubble skirt dress

Gaga in her new dress
isn't she so adorable!?

Gaga in another new dress
here's her new little tennis dress...

new high tops!
and her new high tops!

 Gaga also got new make-up and lips! I carved out her lips a bit more and gave her a bit of a pouty smile. It's a subtle difference but I love it. I also made her lips a lighter shade of pink and gave her pink blush. can you see the difference from the pictures above and these?

I love her new lips :D

More carving & new blush and lip gloss

6 lovely readers said...:

Jingle said...

She is looking so cute! Where did you get her shoes? I showed my husband the pics you posted when you were doing her eyes and even he thought the process was cool! LOL!

Kim said...

LOVE the shoes- how cute!! I can see the difference- her cheeks look so cute! Did you make her new clothes? Did someone else make them- you know- like on etsy? I LOVE your Blythe- I am living the dream through your posts cuz the hubby says NO MORE doll related hobbies :) Have a fab day Mel!!!!

Melanye K. said...

jen - i got them from but you can find them all over the web. the boy thought the eye mechanism and changing the chips was so cool too lol!

kim -- I didn't make her clothes but I want to learn to sew so that I can make cute clothes :D

jacque said...

love her new look! wish i had lips like that! ;)

AdronsCatherine said...

Love her new lips! Sooooo sweet!

You are welcome to come play any time you want to learn how to sew ;o) I've only been sewing since I was 5 lol!

GraphXGrrl said...

Great work! She look gorgeous!