Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Which Is Cuter?

Baby bunnies or baby chicks? Watch each video and give me your vote! Me and the boy couldn't agree on which one is cuter, lol. My vote is for baby bunnies but this is a tough one because baby chicks are so cute too :D

Happy Tuesday! We're supposed to get snow tomorrow night, yay! If we get enough I might get a few days off :D

p.s. i love the guy in the baby chick video haha!

4 lovely readers said...:

mrs.adrienneK said...

bunnies!!!!! oh i want one of those so cute!!!omg isnt it cooool here !!cray cray!!!! come oooooon snow!!!!

Kim said...

I would have to say bunnies- although it WAS a hard choice. Are you going to get chickens? I had chickens a few years ago- but a racoon or fox broke into the pen and had a feast :( It was horrible! I keep telling my hubby I want to build a better coop and get chickens again- I loved them so much- and they ate the bugs in my garden!

Have a great day- hope you get some snow days to stay home and decorate and play- but if you do be sure to stay warm!

jacque said...

bunnehs, hands down. ;)

Sophie St Vicious said...

cute - can't we have baby chicks with bunny ears, I'd love one of those!