Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day, Snow Day!

Bundle up!
Improper snow shoes
Bebe loves the snow!
Little Boston Terrier footprints :)
Rubbing herself all over the snow
Our house with a blanket of snow
Finding love in unusuall places...
The backyard...i love it so much!
Technically it's not snow. It's sleet that's built up over several hours, but I'll take it!

I woke up at 6 am this morning (as usual blech!) and I ran to the computer to see if the schools were going to be closed today. (If they're closed, the doggie daycare I work at is closed too.) I really wasn't expecting them to closed because last time this happened, they kept the schools open and pissed everyone off, lol. So I logged on to the local station's website and low and behold, schools were closed! I got all excited like a little kid, haha. I mean I LOVE my job and working with the dogs but sometimes you just need an extra day off, you know? I did a little shimmy back to bed and slept in. Ahhhhh, it felt sooo good! After I got up, I went outside and took a lot of pictures and let Bebe play in the snow. She LOVES this weather! She was running around and rubbing herself in it, lol.

This has been a great way to end the week :D First I win Biscuit's giveaway, then I get a snow day, AND if that wasn't enough, my blog has hit a milestone too! LAMC has reached over 100 followers! Never ever EVER did I think that would happen. The whole reason I added the whole follower thing is so that it would be easier for people to get here. I really didn't think so many people would be interested in my blog. So thank you all SO much! I've got a HUGE giveaway planned to celebrate this milestone, so please please please keep checking back so you can enter. I've got a few more details to work out & then I'll post it up. Believe me, you won't want to miss it!

Have a wonderful day & be safe out there!!

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13 lovely readers said...:

Stevie said...

I love your boots, they are darling! I like the snow too but here in Washington state if we get any it usually doesn't stick around. Have a great weekend!

sarahe said...

yay for snow! enjoy it!

Kim said...

Love, love, love Bebe's outside outfit!!! I'm glad you got a snow day- don't ya just love getting an unexpected sleep in! Congrats on 100 followers girl! I love your blog so much- I always check to see what you are up to :)

beyondbaffled said...

Love the snow pics!

Shannon said...

You take gorgeous photos. It snowed here tonight so I'll be out first thing tomorrow snapping some myself! Can't wait to share!

AdronsCatherine said...

I'm so glad you got your snow day!!! My kidlets were thrilled to be out of school, but so bummed about the lack of actual snow lol!

Congratulations on 100 followers - what an exciting milestone!

Anzouya said...

I absolutely LOVE your boots!!!! And Bebe's outfit...PERFECT! Congratulations for the 100 followers! I wish I could reach that number :-) (maybe I was the 100th...I don't remember...)Also I want to thank you so much for your comment. It's really cool knowing that someone else likes what you do. THANK YOU!:-)

biscuit said...

Super awesome! I woke up to about 6 inches of snow this morning! :] And work was called off early yesterday because of the blizzard! Woohoo!

apparentlyjessy said...

Ahhh your puppy dog is SO cute! I wish we had snow here in Adelaide Australia.
Congrats on 100 readers, it is a great feeling isn't it?!

GraphXGrrl said...

That pic of Bebe rubbing on the snow is hilarious! <3 it!

kimsminiatures said...

Love your house, the snow and your adorable doggie. Too cute all of you. Your boots are wonderful and the pink doggie long johns so wonderful too!
My little boston was a boy so no pink but If I put a sweater on him he wouldn't move he would freeze in place. I didn't enjoy clothes. Hugs~ Kim

boots said...

oh my! hes a cutie cutie cutie!!

Miki's scrapbook said...

I love your boots and your dog's outfit! =)