Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Got Some Gorgeous Little Vintage Things!

The boy and I went to the Antique Warehouse and Bojo's Antique Mall today and I found a lot of cute vintage stuff that was reasonably priced, yay! I want to start selling cute vintage items in my shop when I start back up, so I'm trying to pick up stuff that I think people might like. I'm seeing too much stuff that I probably won't part with, lol. (That's the hard part about selling vintage stuff, you want it all for youself!)

Check out my finds! ♥

Antique Mall Finds
Rainbow flower carafe, How To Train Your Fox Terrier book, 1972 McCoy planter (I have the large vase in the same color, yes!) Aqua ceramic shoe, Dandelion carafe

70's McCoy Scandia Planter
This was my find of the day. Like I said, I already found the taller vase version of this planter (which someone tossed by a dumpster, crazy!). I was so happy to see this for a great price!

Dandelion carafe
The detail on this is so beautiful!

Vintage juice carafe
I want OJ in this now!!

Sun Tea jar
My mom had a sun tea jar and I've always wanted one of my own. I can't wait to make southern sweet tea in this baby!

Antique Mall Finds
I love this!

Vintage Sewing Basket
Vintage sewing basket
This is a little sewing basket that I found. All the contents were included! I love the vintage floral fabric and the bright yellow wicker...

Large vintage tray
Vintage tray
A large tray that I couldn't resist. It's probably going to go on our mantle with some other treasures :)

Vintage Kitty
A little ceramic kitty, meow. :)

I hope your Sunday was as full as much wonder as mine! I love going to antique stores and seeing all the vintage stuff :D We found a few potential chairs for the living room and a table for the dining room too! I need to go back and get pictures...we still want to look around but I'm starting to have a good sense of what colors are going to be in each room of the house and what the vibe of each room with be. Exciting!!

3 lovely readers said...:

sarahe said...

that stuff is so much fun!! I just adore vintage stuff and could shop for hours and hours...

mrs.adrienneK said...

wow!!!you scored big time loooove all of it!!

Kim said...

I love your finds! I really really love that carafe with the leaves and dandelion flowers!!! OMG- wonderful!!