Sunday, January 24, 2010

  • Grocery shopping (make list)
  • Buy lawn bags, dishwashing liquid & dishwasher tablets
  • Buy Bebe food
  • Clean Sasha's area
  • Clean bathroom
  • Laundry
  • Rearrange living room
  • Work on studio organization
  • Find freezer paper
  • Start planning blog redesign
  • Make 1 VDay desktop wallpaper
  • Start working on handmade Vday cards & garland
  • Design Vday cupcakes (yes, they are going to be that over the top lol)
  • Take Bebe on 3 walks
I know it looks like a lot but the boy will be helping me with a lot of them. I didn't get as much as I wanted done last week so some tasks are repeats. One thing I did notice is that writing the list down helped to keep everything I needed to do fresh in my mind all week it definitely helped!

What's on your weekly to-do list this week?


      2 lovely readers said...:

      AdronsCatherine said...

      This week is looking like a case of playing catch up from last week... Sick kiddos, sick me, sick hubby all conspired to make me have a messy house and no time to read blogs lol! I did knit a few hats, one of them being a cupcake hat, AND I got to try a BK cupcake shake. YUM!

      Anyway, this week, I hope to accomplish at least *some* of these:

      Work on sewing room - find storage for fabric stash
      Plan cake for the tween's 12th birthday (horror - she doesn't want cupcakes!!!)
      Finish sewing two bags for a friend
      Rip out and reinsert zippers in Audrey's skirt and Ellie's dress
      Straighten the darn house

      Oh, and I suppose at some point I should do the whole menu/grocery shopping thing, too.... AND cheer practices start back this week.

      Melanye K. said...

      SO glad you tried the cupcake shake!! sooo good, right? sorry you guys have been sick. seems to be going around!

      good luck on your goals!!