Thursday, December 3, 2009

Super Cute Handmade Ornament Tutorial!

Isn't this adorable! ♥

If you want to learn how to make holiday ornaments like this, Just Jingle has an awesome tutorial posted here. I just love it! I'm really into having a handmade holiday, lol. I love how all my bloggy friends are making pretty cards, ornaments, and decorating with handmade stuff. The move is delaying my ornament making...heck we don't even have a tree yet :( BUT it's great that I can live vicariously through you guys ;)

2 lovely readers said...:

Jingle said...

Thank you so much for posting this!!! You are SUCH a sweetie! I hope you get to decorate as soon as you in your new home! Who needs a couch? Get that tree up! LOL!

Melanye K. said...

no problem! i had to share :D

i'm with you on that one. i say me and the boy just leave everything in boxes and decorate for Christmas instead hehehe!