Thursday, October 15, 2009

What -I Wish- I Wore Today...


Since I have to wear the same uniform every day, it's made me really lazy and unmotivated when it comes to fashion. So I'm hoping that if I make these style boards regularly it will inspire me to go shopping and get my wardrobe looking a bit better. It's so easy to get stuck in the cycle of wearing the same stuff all the time and never dressing up or looking cute if you don't have to. I want to get back to looking cute just because it makes me feel good :)

If you're in a style rut, try working on one of these boards. They're really fun to make and I've found it helps me focus on what my personal style is (something I've had trouble with in the past.) I make mine in Photoshop but there's a great site called Polyvore that can help you if you've never made one before. If you make one be sure to send me a link!

Happy's almost Friday WOO HOO!! ♥

5 lovely readers said...:

Aralka said...

nice outfit ^^
i like cameo and fruity earrings <3

Kim said...

love the green khakis and the flats- cute!!! I might have to try this out. I don't dress cute either- I work in the office of a shop and I get dirty a lot in the shop, so usually wear t-shirt and jeans.

Melanye K. said...

me too kim. my uniform is a doggie daycare t-shirt and pants that i don't mind getting super dirty. it really sucks your sense of personal style right up. i'm hoping this will help me :) if you try it make sure to link it to me! I'd love to see what kind of clothes you like :D

mel said...

oooh. i used to have to wear uniforms at my old school. BORING.
so i was crazy with accessories. it was fun.

sarahe said...

that's a great idea...between being able to wear scrubs (which i do way too often) and being unhappy w/my weight, I am definitely in a style rut!