Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What's in a name?

no pictures in the post. i know it's weird o_O

In the Indie Biz shop I'm taking, we are learning SO much! I love my instructors :) I can't post direct content but one of the things I've had to think about lately is my business name. Honestly I've thought about it before and I've thought about changing it before...I really love the phrase and what it means for me and my life but I'm not sure if it translates to others (specifically clients) in the way that I want it too. I also know that when you read the phrase, it doesn't give you a clear picture of the theme and product. My instructor pointed out that the first thing she thought was bakery lol. I can see why...

I'm going to do some serious thinking about this....but I wanted to ask all my bloggy friends, What do you think of when you read less apathy.more cake as a business name?? Be honest, I want it! If I'm going to change the name, now is probably the time since I've picked up a little bit of a buzz lately...

*sigh* this stuff is hard lol

(yes i'm stressing!)

k bye.

3 lovely readers said...:

Marta y Hiro said...


I like your photography ^^

Kisses ^^

sarahe said...

i did think baking when i heard your name, but i like it a lot! (and of course...i always think baking!) that's a tough decision to make

GraphXGrrl said...

I guess I didn't think of a specific product when I first read the name. I just thought of it being a name about being simple and positive. I like the name & I think it works especially since you can use it as just LAMC also.