Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Currently Lusting After: My Little Pony!

After seeing this picture on GraphXGrrl's blog, I think I want to start collecting My Little Ponies! I used to love them when I was little! They were always so pretty and sparkly! I've been surfing the web for the last half hour or so looking a all the cute toys and accessories out there. I stumbled upon Jupiterlily's LiveJournal and she has an AWESOME mlp collection! She styles their hair and everything, hehe. Here are some of her super cute ponies...

Toola Roola (left) is going to be my first purchase I think. Her cutie mark* is a paint brush!! In her bio it says she likes to be creative and make crafts :) That's my kind of pony! (Plus she has awesome hair). I also lurveeeeee the unicorns with the ringlets too! So prettttttyyy. *definitely adding all these to the Christmas list* I think I am going to drive the boy crazy, haha. He just looks at me and shakes his head as I oooh and aaahh over all the ponies, LOL.

Do any 80's babies feel me on this one??
(or were you into Rainbow Brite?? I loved her shamelessly too. No wonder I'm so into color! Care Bears, Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake...loved 'em all!)

*cutie mark (for those who don't know) = their sidebutt marking. lol ;)

4 lovely readers said...:

GraphXGrrl said...

Yay! Pony collecting is very addictive.

I try to teach my daughter to say 'cutie mark' but she still says, "that picture on their butt". lol

Sophie St Vicious said...

I think MLP are a very healthy & cute obsession to have :)

Jingle said...

Stamp'n UP! Has a MLP (not licensed so it is 'like MLP' LOL!) stamp set that I just think I may have to buy. It is SO stinking adorable! You can stamp different designs onto the pony! LOVE IT!

amanda said...

they are adorable! and as a chilld of the 80s i think you are perfectly justified in lusting after them. they used to make seahorse my little ponys that lived in a shell you could suction cup to the shower wall!! when are those coming back?