Friday, August 14, 2009

TGIF: We're vloggin' baby!

  • My music is WAY too loud for vlogging purposes, sorry I didn't realize it.
  • Bebe humps Chopstick TO THE BEAT people!
  • I roll my eyes when I think. that's what i do when i have no clue what to say ha!
  • I'm in my art room which is still junky, but cleaner than it was.
  • I'm a spaz, I KNOW! I love it and you love it. don't deny it ;)

4 lovely readers said...:

sarahe said...

awww--butchy humps our kitty (alive, not stuffed) just like that! of course, butch is a girl and kitty is a boy so it's kinda confusing (not to mention the species difference!)

congrats on your 1st vlog!

Mellz said...

LOL!!! Butchy is kinda kinky huh? haha! Bebe is a certified freaky deaky girl ;)

Kim said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Bebe love!!

Love your vlog and I hope I don't sound like a dork, but your eye rolls are adorable :)
MMMMMMMM--cupcakes :)

Mellz said...

not dorky at all kim! i'll take the compliment ;) thanks!