Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Birthday Wants: A Definitive List

DISCLAIMER: I am simply posting things I would love to receive for my birthday. This is neither a cry for help nor solicitation to my bloggy friends. This is really meant for the boy who needs all the help he can get when it comes to buying me gifts. But, I will not refuse gifts if anyone magically ask for my address and they magically appear at my door, LOL.

Let's proceed, shall we? We shall!

My birthday List

This is not even the half of what I'd love to have for my birthday. But I'll settle for a good dinner with friends though. It's really not about the gifts! I'm really just happy that I made it through another year and I am finally starting to come into my own and figure out what I want my life to be all about! That's what makes turning 28 (only 11 more days to go!) so special.

I don't know where I want to have my bday dinner yet, but I do know that I hope all my friends can come out and par-tay with me. I promise not to drink too much and yell random things!

*fingers crossed behind my back*

In other news, I redid the background and header today. ME LIKEY! I was getting sick of the all pink polka dots so I threw in teal and yellow dots too. If you hadn't noticed, LAMC officially has a color scheme for the blog and product packaging: pink, yellow, and teal. I love these colors together! The header is basically the same with a few minor changes. I notice that if I zoom in too much the polka dots get a little if you're seeing misshapen polka dots, tinker with your zoom out settings until they're normal.

Well, I'm off to finally do my hair. God help us all...I love my hair but sometimes maintenance is a NIGHTMARE, blah blooey!

p.s. I meant what I said about gifts up there but gifts never hurt anybody, right? ;) and cake...cake NEVER hurts anything either! heheee!
p.p.s be sure to poke lots of holes in the box after you wrap the black pug puppy. please & thank you.

4 lovely readers said...:

Love Honor Disobey said...

i want a black pug hoo.
hope you have a fab bday! x

Vane said...

Very nice bbday list. I should do the same hehe, mine is in a Month!!!!

Hugs and good luck with your list.

BTW your doggy is sooo cute!

Hugs from Madrid.

Oh. I love Cupcakes too! ;D


Jen said...

i have the baby hand soaps! they're even more awesome in person!! I hope you get'em.

April said...

Based on my experience the men-folk usually need assistance with gift giving! : )
I had Muddy's for my birthday - the chocolate & strawberry were sooo good.