Wednesday, August 5, 2009

If you saw a post disappear...

I took it down because it was too crazy. I sounded crazy. I know I'm crazy, but I don't want to look back at my blog a few days from now and be like, "damn you sounded crazy!" hmph.

Well in a nutshell, that post basically said I've had a horrible week so far. (no air in my car, flat tire, and crazy coworkers!) I will elaborate more on it when I have time. Right now I am just in too chaotic of a mood to think straight.

But one good thing is the lollies are almost done. The sticks need to be painted white and they'll be added to the shop. Although I kind of like the wooden look now that I look at it. hmm.
Kawaii Lollies are almost done.
juicy cherry (super happy face)
fuzzy peach (laughing face)
sour lemon (silly sour face)
tangy lime (winking face)
sky blue raspberry (girlie happy face)
frozen grape (indifferent emo face)

Anyway, I'm back from my little bloggy break. I didn't get as much done as I wanted but I did see that spending a little less time on the net and more time crafting and cleaning and *gasp* cooking is a good thing.

In the midst of all the craptastic stuff that's happened since I left you, these things made me a little more cheerful in the midst of all the choas:

Twinkie Chan....omg I am in love with her. she is like a kawaii goddess with fantastic reddish-pink hair! and she' makes pizza scarfs!! omg omg omg. marry me
Twinkie!! xoxo

guacamole...I made some. I didn't snag a pic because I was in such an angry mood. (angry elf fits is what I'm going to call my spats of rage from now on just because it sounds cute and angry. it's like rawr! rawr sounds angry and cute all at the same time. RAWRRRR!)

STICKERS! Finally got my stickers printed and did not having any problems for once. The free software that came with the paper helped me print out my designs inside the circles perfectly.

The paper is great and my printer does an awesome job. They'll be available in the store by this weekend. The paper was delivered late and it pushed everything back, boo. Lots of stickers to come now that I have the bomb paper to print them on. I hope to have some pin cushions and maybe plushies in there too but I'm not pushing it on the plushies.

Bebe...she likes playing with the pin cushions I've been making. It makes me think I should make some doggie toys out of felt. How cute would that be?

The boy...he's been listening to me freak out everyday this week and he's still here. God bless his little soul.

I did not bang my head into the wall because of these things, yes. Now I have to go to sleep because I have to be at work on time. My boss finally said something about my tardiness. ACK! Tomorrow is going to suck...:(

sleep tight little birdies.

p.s. I made more pin cushions.

Lovey is a sweet little polka dotted girly girl who secretly likes Lester.
Lester is a lonesome polka dot and he's PISSED! (and hecka cute too)

p.p.s here's the guacaMOLE recipe if anyone wants it.

avocado (make sure it's ripe! I used one because it was just for me and the boy, but if you are serving it at a party or something use 2-3)
sour cream (1.5-2 heaping tsp. you kind of eye ball it based on how much avocado you put in. more for more, ya know?. err on the side of less because you can always add more if you need it.)
tomato (I used 1 small small tomato, diced. how much you put depends on how much you like tomato)
cilantro (rip up a couple of sprigs. more if you like it uhlot)
garlic powder (amount depends on how stinky you want your breath to be. i LOVE the stinky so I use a lot)
salt (to taste)
lime or lemon juice (a healthy splash)

cut up your avocado and tomato and throw that in a bowl. add your sour cream, garlic powder, and salt. stir it up really good until it becomes smoothly chunky. Then add your cilantro and juice and give it one last hearty stir. Taste and add more salt if needed. Not to much though because you're going to eat it with white corn tortilla chips and they have salt on them already. Yum yum eat 'em up! The boy said my guacamole was good so there's a reference.

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