Friday, August 7, 2009

TGIF: Adventures in Doggie Daycare!

Here are a few pictures from work today :)

The Three Chicas

I heart Martha

I heart Martha

Incognito Lily

Brenda helps Rudy clean his ears

I will be away from my doggie babies for a whole week. I'm on vacation next week and while I LOVE being off, I'll miss all of those little buggers! During my vaca, I plan to get a lot of cleaning done and a lot of LAMC work done too. But I promised myself I wouldn't work too hard because it defeats the purpose of a vacation ;) I can't wait to sleep in and stay up late, woo hoo!

2 lovely readers said...:

sarahe said...

love the bulldog pic! my husband always comes out to look at the bulldog pictures

GraphXGrrl said...

Cute pics! Have a great vacation!