Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shop News: Laughing Caramel Apple Charms

♥ Now available on etsy!

Laughing Caramel Apple Charms

Laughing Caramel Apple Charms

These charms were sooooooooo annoying to make at first, LOL. I'm going to keep it real! Getting the thickness and size of the apple right (so that the eye ring and wooden stick would sit correctly) was a chore, cutting out the caramel made my wrists hurt, and coming up with the secret recipe for getting the apple to look like real green apple candy was a pain too. But now that I've got it. I'm pleased! (can you tell I don't like it when things don't come easy??)

Ice cream stickers

I also have stickers available in the shop now. I have more designs for charms and stickers, now all I have to do is put in the work. Slowly but surely I'm getting my goals accomplished, WHOOP! (I have no idea why or when WHOOP became my expression of joy but it is. I embrace it even though it might be potentially weird ;))

Check them out in the shop for more details...

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