Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reason number infinity why I (sometimes) HATE people


Have you heard about poor Lucy?

Apparently this dog got hit by a car and several people pulled over to help her. One man (and I use that term loosely) decided that she should be put out of her misery and beat her in the head with a hammer. (SERIOUSLY, WTF?) But get this...he didn't even kill her. I guess he thought one blow would do it but no. She had to lay there in tremendous pain from being hit by a car and beaten with a hammer and then to top it off, a local sheriff deputy came and shot her to end it all.

I swear on my grandfather's grave...if Bebe EVER had to go through anything like that, I would be in jail. I would have went psycho on the dude with the hammer! What is this world coming to? This dude could have rushed her to a vet and let them euthanize her humanely (if she was even that bad off...she might have been able to recover for all he knew)...I just don't get people. I also have to wonder about the other people who stopped and were witnessing this. Why the hell would you let this man do that?

I have no faith in humanity. at all. whatsoever. nip.

RIP sweet Lucy...what a horrible way to die.

/downer post.

1 lovely readers said...:

Vanessa said...

omg this brought tears to my eyes! i would be with you in the jail cell!