Thursday, March 12, 2009

So I Have a Laptop Now!

yipppeeeeeee! and it was freeeeeeeeeee!

the boy's brother works with computers and he's always got laptops and computers everywhere. i am proud to say i'm typing to you from the comfort of my cushy bed. i don't know much about what's a good laptop vs a bad one but it's a sony vaio and it's works, so that's good enough for me...

hopefully now i'll update my blog more often since I won't have to go to our art room to use the computer. it's in the back of the house and once i get in bed i don't get back up so getting up to blog is out of the question. tangent, i am completely lazy once i get home from work. all i want to do is get in the bed and eat dinner and watch tv and talk to the boy. (yes we eat dinner in the bed which is totally wrong and totally right for so many reasons...) but i think my laziness enduced lack of blogging may be cured now.

In other news, I'm on a purse kick right now. There was a stretch there where every bag I saw made me want to gag but things are looking up...

movement-of-waves bag $158 (ouch!)...anthropologie

bandana bucket bag $98...anthropologie

Women's Small Canvas Hobos $12.50...Old Navy


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