Friday, March 13, 2009

Doggie Love: Adding a second.

Recently me and the boy have been talking about getting another dog and possibly an iggy. What's an iggy you say?

This is an Iggy!

We were thinking about another boston terrier since we love Bebe so much but I keep seeing other breeds I like. (um maltipoo, pug, japanese chin anyone?) For now I'm kind of hip to an iggy though. Let's compare, shall we?

*Iggies are fast. Bebe is fast. I have often referred to her as being mixed with a greyhound.
*Iggies love to snuggle under the covers. Bebe lives for snuggling under the covers.
*Iggies have a very short coat. Bebe has a very short coat...which means minimal grooming and mainetance.
*Iggies have to wear sweaters when it's cold. Bebe has to wear sweaters when it's cold. And I LOVE buying clothes for dogs (yes I'm one of those people)
*Iggies are highly affectionate towards people. Bebe is the queen of affection towards people.
*Iggies can be high energy maniacs. Bebe is a high energy maniac which is why she goes to wotk (doggie daycare) with me to burn it off.
*Iggies can be mellow and chill with you. Bebe is mellow (after exercise of course) and loves to just chill with us.
*Iggies are a small breed that generally don't get bigger than 15 lbs. Bebe is 15lbs.
*Iggies can be clownish and very fun-loving. Bebe channels the pure essence of a clown and loves nothing more than to have fun.

I think they have a lot in common, generally speaking....

The only thing detering me so far is that they need their teeth brushed daily because they are prone to periodontal disease. I know I *could* do it but realistically it might become a chore. I'm not really good with daily chores. However I know I could dedicate myself to it if when found the perfect iggy for us. They also say they are hard to potty train and I kind of take issue with that. I feel that if you have a regular schedule for taking any dog out, it shouldn't be a problem. Some dogs take longer to "get it" than others but I think if you keep an eye on your dog, limit the range they can go in the house until you trust them, and monitor their feeding/drinking schedule you shouldn't have a problem. But that's just me...I think 95% of potty training "accidents" are the owners fault but the dog always gets the bad rap. My opinion is if you take a dog into your home, be prepared to take time to train it. It takes a lot of time and diligence to train some dogs and if you aren't up for that, why even get a dog. I read that he number one reason most iggies are in shelters and rescues is potty training. Not sure how accurate that is but if it is true, that's REALLY sad on those owners part. Regardless I'd be willing to work on it and it wouldn't deter me from getting one.

Anyone out there got an iggy??? if so share the love please! I am researching my butt of but reading about firsthand experience is always good. We had an iggy at my job but he doesn't come anymore :( (where are you Spencer??) I really liked him but man was he fast. He didn't like to be crated so catching him for naptime was always an adventure, lol.

Thinking about getting a dog? PLEASE RESCUE! Don't buy while shelter pets die! Thank you to all of you out there who chose to rescue animals! Bebe is a rescue and I hope to be rescuing an iggy and many other dogs in the future. Big thanks to all the people out there who are involved in rescue and shelter work on every level...cheers to you!

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