Monday, March 23, 2009

Currently lusting after: Pancake Meow!

I found this little site while surfing for decole goodness. Shop owner Leslie Dallion makes THE most wonderful miniature food I've ever seen...and if that wasn't enough it's scented too! I really really REALLY want to eat her little creations every time I visit her site, lol. She is also a great illustrator too so check her out. Kudos to you Leslie, I think you're amazing!

Here are some of the charms I wish to own, stat!

And a little peek at the scent list (and this is not even half of it):

Chocolate cream
Chocolate bar
Chocolate chip
Chocolate fondue
Cinnamon roll
Coconut cake
Coconut cream
Cotton candy is dandy
Creamy dreamy cupcake
Fresh whipping cream
Grape jelly

(anyone hungry yet?)

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