Sunday, February 15, 2009

Boys are stupid!

The boy sucks. He is in Batesville, AK right now. He decided it would be better to go off with his 2 brothers and sister and get hammered this weekend than to spend Valentine's Day with me. We had already decided not to spend any $$ on VDay. We were going to wait until next weekend and go to a swanky restaurant. Long story short, he's in the dog house because he makes LAME decisions like a 3 year old child all the time. We've been together for 5 years and I swear this boy still doesn't get it! Luckily I stopped caring a while ago because I realize he suffers from brain damage and he just can't help himself. It would be like getting mad at a child with Tourettes for screaming "sweaty monkey balls!!!" in the middle of a church service. He just can't help it yall!

Anyway, when he does get back he better have a new Boston Terrier rescue to console me or else I'm not talking to him until he gets one damnit. It's the only way buddy! the only way! *sobs*

OK enough with my sugar induced craziness...

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